Best Friend vs Boyfriend | Funny Cartoon | Avocado Couple

31 İyl 2020
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Today Ava has to make a tough choice - best friend vs boyfriend. Who will she choose?
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Relationship is such a hard thing! Cado and Tomattiny are fighting for Ava's attention. Both of them want to be number one in her life. But who is more important? Boyfriend or best friend? Love or friendship? Augh! It's so difficult to choose!
While Ava is trying to make a decision, Cado and Tomattiny continue the war... I mean, prank war, of course ;)
Who will be the winner of this tough competition? Ava's crush Cado or their third wheel Tomattiny? Check it out in my new hilarious episode!
आज एवा को एक कठिन विकल्प बनाना है - सबसे अच्छा दोस्त बनाम प्रेमी। वह किसे चुनेगी?
Hari ini Ava harus membuat pilihan yang sulit - sahabat dan pacar. Siapa yang akan dia pilih?
09:42 YUMMIES!
11:21 WHAT?!
12:09 TAN FAIL
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