Spooky Situations When You're Home Alone | Animated Shorts by Avocado Couple

10 İyl 2020
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Today I'll show you funny moments and spooky situations that can happen when you're home alone
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It's always so exciting to be home alone! You can do all kinds of crazy stuff, have fun, and be yourself. Nobody will see you anyway!
But when the darkness came the situation changes dramatically. You start to remember all those horror stories about ghosts and monsters, and these memories give you goosebumps...Do you know that feeling?
Cado knows it for sure! Let's see how he overcomes his fears and phobias
आज मैं मजाकिया और डरावना स्थितियों को दिखाता हूं जो तब हो सकती हैं जब आप अकेले घर में हों
Hari ini saya menunjukkan situasi lucu dan seram yang bisa terjadi ketika Anda sendirian di rumah
06:38 OOPS!
11:33 DRESS UP
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