Vegetables LOST HAMSTER || Funny Situations with New Pet || Avocado Couple

3 Mar 2021
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Uh-oh, Cado lost the hamster, Ava's beloved pet...
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Ava asks her boyfriend to look after the hamster. 🐹 Oh, he is so cute and small - anything can happen to him! 😱
But Cado is too busy with the mobile game, so he quickly forgets about the promise. 🤔
And soon he finds that the hamster is missing. 😱 What happened? Maybe the hamster escaped? Or was he attacked by a neighbor's cat? Or did it fall into the trash can? 💥💥
Cado needs to find it before the arrival of Ava. Will he succeed? 👀🤦‍♀️
It turns out that hamsters aren`t so cute! 😉 They can be real tiny monsters!💩
Watch my new hilarious episode 🐹❤
03:00 PET SHOP
05:39 HOME WAR
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