Vegetable Bought the WRONG CAR || Hilarious Fails by Avocado Couple

25 Noy 2020
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Today Cado will buy a really strange car...
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Cado always dreamed to drive a car. But he has absolutely no money for it... Today he’s met a bit strange vegetable who is selling cars at a very low cost and bought the car at once. Yay!
But the excitement was short-lived - the car turned to be really strange. It can do different tricks and behaves like it is alive. It is even jealous of Ava! What’s wrong with it? Maybe it’s some kind of experimental racing car or a monster truck???
Let’s figure it out together in my new hilarious episode about Cado’s crazy car rides! Enjoy ;)
आज Cado खरीदेगा एक बहुत ही अजीब कार ...
Hari ini Cado akan membeli mobil yang sangat aneh ...
00:00 CAR SALE
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