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25 İyl 2020
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Today Ava and Cado run into Hello Neighbor in real life!
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Yep, it turned out that Hello Neighbor has bought a house right across the street from Ava and Cado. Now strange things are happening in the neighborhood... Children go missing!
Ava and Cado believe that this is the work of Hello Neighbor and immediately start to spy on his mystery house. But Ava and Cado are a bit clumsy, you know. Moreover, they have absolutely no experience in spying. That's why they'll get into lots of funny situations during this adventure. Will it stop them? Of course, not!
What dark secret is Hello Neighbor hiding inside his house?
Watch my new hilarious and a bit spooky episode to get to know all the details!
आज अवा और काडो असल जिंदगी में हैलो नेबर में चलती हैं!
Hari ini Ava dan Cado bertemu Hello Neighbor di kehidupan nyata!
04:40 MY MOM VS ME
09:17 WHO IS IT?
12:17 OH, NO!
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