Vegetables at GRANDMA'S FARM || Funniest Situations with Animals by Avocado Couple

9 Dek 2020
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Ava and Cado will show funny things your grandma does. So relatable!
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Grandmas are so funny and adorable! It’s so cool to hang out with them! Today Ava and Cado will spend some time with their grannies.
Cado’s grandma will lose her glasses and, as a result, will behave really strange… While Ava’s grandmother will meet her at the farm and show her hard but interesting village life - early wake-up, cold shower, farm animals, and much more! Yep, farming isn’t for the weak. The day will be full of awkward situations and clumsy moments, that’s for sure...
Are you ready to meet Ava and Cado’s hilarious families? Then watch my new episode and, after that, don’t forget to call your granny to tell her how you love her!
अवा और कैडो मजेदार चीजें दिखाएंगे जो आपकी दादी करती है। इतना भरोसेमंद!
Ava dan Cado akan menunjukkan hal-hal lucu yang dilakukan nenek Anda. Sangat menyenangkan!
09:29 AVA VS COW
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