My Boyfriend Left Me for My Sister! Animated Shorts by Avocado Couple

26 Avq 2020
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Today Ava and her twin sister will fight for Cado's heart. Let the sibling rivalry begin!
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What is better - to be a single child or to grow up with a sibling? Is it really cool to have a twin sister or brother? What happens when two twin sisters like the same guy?
Today Ava will sort it out. She'll tell you about her sibling struggles and show all pros and cons of life with a sibling.
Enjoy my new funny episode full of sibling pranks and awkward situations with twins! And don't forget to share this video with your brothers and sisters to cheer them up ;)
आज अवा और उसकी जुड़वां बहन कैडो के दिल के लिए लड़ेंगे। सहोदर प्रतिद्वंद्विता शुरू करो!
Hari ini Ava dan saudara kembarnya akan memperjuangkan hati Cado. Biarkan persaingan saudara dimulai!
08:42 AVA'S FAIL
09:07 MOM VS DAD
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